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Tierra Benton

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Model. Artist. Creative Wellness Coach

Tierra Benton enjoys career crafted around the beauty and infinite creativity of divine self expression. Charming, beautiful and standing over 6’ it is apparent Tierra was born to stand out. You can find her beauty imprinted along the centerfolds including Essence, Seventeen and MGM Grands MLife Magazine. Tierra appears on the big screen as a featured model in the Fast and Furious 7. Her essence may have even graced your television as a featured model for lifetimes, Project Runway Allstars S5  S6. You may have even spotted Tierra in your local beauty supply store with beauty campaigns for top companies including Revlon’s Creme of Nature. Recently Tierra’s beauty has graced the living rooms of homes all over the country as her feature in the Pantene Gold Series campaign continues to recieve great feedback on Fox and Bet. 

With a decade-long career as an internationally recognized model and skin + hair care ambassador, Tierra Benton has grown to cultivate her understanding of beauty. Tierra finds that aligning with the natural abundant wealth of nature offers the simplest and most fruitful path to lasting health and happiness. Drawing an aesthetic inspiration from her ancestral heritage paired with her commitment to leading a conscious and sustainable lifestyle Tierra continues to deepen her understanding of the mind-body-beauty connection. Tierra has pioneered the brand and philosophy of Aritu, a holistic approach to simple, spiritual, and radiantly healthy living.

Honoring all forms of her creative expression Tierra entertains the divine arts of music, painting, photography and theatre as fuel for her happiness and well being. She blends these gifts into a labor of love sharing her light as an inspiration and friendly guidance for those seeking a lifestyle of whole health and happiness.