The Benton Brands


Taunya Benton is a self taught jewelry artist who began her career seven years ago creating jewelry for Tierra and herself from components she thrifted or found at the bottom of her jewelry box. She has always had a fascination with the way people around the world adorned themselves with jewels. Inspired by art of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks to the African bushman and those in the Far East, Taunya designs quality heirloom jewelry as a universal, outward expression of her art. 

Verra-Life-Tierra- Benton.png


Bring your being into balance with a wellness brand curated by Tierra Benton. Marvin Verna's leadership coupled with Tierra's creativity blends into a wellness brand with simple intentions. The two see to help beings to be their best through experiencing whole health and lasting happiness. Tierra and Marvin love exploring  the vastness of nature and are thrilled to share a modern approach to the practice of aromatherapy. Combining their creative forces with the power of plants, they offer great products and even better service to enlighten you on your path to holistic wellness.