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The Benton Brands

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The truth has surfaced that many commercial beauty products targeted to people of color have proven to contain toxic chemicals, synthetic ingredients which are harmful to the beings they claim to help. We at Aritu aim to make nourishing beauty products simple for women and men of color. Our team insures quality and authenticity in each bottle by hand selecting and blending our natural oils and essences. Aritu is the Kemetic name for the chakras which are the energy spheres within us all. It is described through ancient wisdom that proper wellbeing depends on the health and balance of these sacred energy centers. Through art, purposeful products and engaging events Aritu aims to inspire the balance of our precious energy. Curating products to add to your own self care practices, we invite you value and nurture your sacred beauty with the nourishment in our hand crafted creations. 



Taunya Benton is a self taught jewelry artist who began her career seven years ago creating jewelry for Tierra and herself from components she thrifted or found at the bottom of her jewelry box. She has always had a fascination with the way people around the world adorned themselves with jewels. Inspired by art of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks to the African bushman and those in the Far East, Taunya designs quality heirloom jewelry as a universal, outward expression of her art.