Get to know the experienced model, artist and blooming musician, TEMAKHA

TEMAKHA begins her art and music journey on the foundation of a 15 year long successful modeling career. While living the intentions of her childhood dreams complimented by her adoration for art, TEMAKHA embraces authenticity in her work with a mission to inspire all to be true to their dreams and express their best self.

Her modeling career grew roots in Atlanta, Ga via fashion editorial, commercial print and runway experience. She has walked countless NYFW seasons with her work featured worldwide via TV, motion pictures, commercials and campaigns. Her likeness has graced the center folds of magazines including Marie Claire, Seventeen and Essence Magazine. On screen her features include Fast and Furious 7, Billions & Lifetime's Project Runway Allstars series. In 2018 the she was featured as the face of Pantene's Gold Series product line which was broadcasted on screen in Times Square NY.

The Georgia State Alumni is a champion for purpose led education and an advocate for holistic wellness. Nature is TEMAKHA's biggest inspiration and the guiding inspiration behind her illuminated new path featuring award winning music and her blooming healing art platform, ABUNDAVERSE.