Is your DREAM worth fighting for?

As I’ve grown, and matured in my career I have been met with quite a bit of challenges. I’ve had my hard work and investments reduced and defined as a pretty face, a product, a means to make money and most of it for someone else. I’ve been paid in well wishes, empty promises and the ever popular “exposure” neither of which can seem to sustain me or my financial security.

I’ve traveled countless hours by car, train and on foot accompanied by my roller bag full of clothes and shoes for the possibility a photographer to meet me half way in producing stellar images, timely. So I can then take those photos to an agency as proof to why I am worthy to be signed and represented and shown to their deities - I mean clients.

I am sure I have heard it all; “Your too tall, Your butt and hips are to big, Your books just not strong enough, Your book is too strong” I’ve been in and out of every model agency from NY to Miami and have been turned down and turned away from more agents and bookers than I can care to remember.

As I reflect on a career full of quality projects and collaborations, I'm glad I never gave up.

Quite frankly, fitting in with others has never really been my thing and anything worth having is worth fighting for. Some times the battle is against those professional haters who gave up on their dreams a long time ago and wish you would too. To be real, the battle is within myself. I have to fight those parts of me that doubt I can do it, beat the hell out of those fears, self doubts, and what ifs. I have to go straight WWF on any thought that creeps in trying to rationalize why it’s ok to give up.

When building an empire there will be many who will test your values. Many more who will fight your vision. I encourage you to stay focused, play your game and be ever careful in your actions. Because when your time comes and you must fight you're in a better position to strike with accuracy, strength and TENACITEA.  

That is of course if you want to live the dream.

What will you fight for?

Hugh Morris Photography Hair: J Coerbell MUA: Dionne S. Stylist : Paige LaCroix  Starrett City Boxing Club

Hugh Morris Photography Hair: J Coerbell MUA: Dionne S. Stylist : Paige LaCroix

Starrett City Boxing Club