Born into the 90s


I remember back in the ancient world aka The 90s, when photography was a process. First Mommi had to open the back of the camera, carefully insert film, and then she was ready to shoot. Next she would check exposure settings, take a peek through the view finder and CLICK! Moment by moment she would capture memories. Next she had to carefully remove the film and take it to the local photo shop to be developed. After a day or two, we could return to see the finished and printed products of her labor. Lastly, we would purchase a photo book to organize the comical and sometimes embarrassing moments of mine and my brother, DeVonte’s childhood.

Today the process of taking an image and sharing it can be completed in seconds. Simply identify the subject, take out smart phone and tap screen, edit and share to the social media platform of your choice. These days people barley invest time to read a paragraph let alone wait days for photo to be printed to see it. Though I still shoot film, I'm not a stranger to swift social sharing.  My drugs of choice, Instagram and Facebook.These platforms make keeping up with memories, family, and friends from around the world is so swift and simple.

But surely, I'm not the only one who still appreciates the classic photography process. There is nothing like seeing your photos live and in print. But who has the time to invest in the process?

" Not I " said the modelprenuer.

This is why I LOVE CHATBOOKS. I get the best of both worlds. I can continue to share my posts to Instagram and ChatBooks will organize AND print my feed in a quality photo book. I continue to live my fast paced, high octane, selfie generated, city life and ChatBooks handles the printing for me.

Did I mention ChatBooks offers great service AND can deliver your photo books to your door?

As a millennial , with ChatBooks I can hold on to what really matters- my iPhone, my Starbucks chai latte, and my memories and you can too.

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Self Portrait on Film of Tierra Benton