Tierra Benton is a model and kemetic reiki healing artist sharing her creative gifts to encourage you to be your best self

Be True - Be You : My return to Georgia State University

Tierra Benton Georgia State Alumni Speaker Series
Tierra Benton and Pounce at Georgia State University: Distinguished Alumna Speaker Series
Tierra Benton and Pounce of Georgia State University
Tierra Benton and Mentor Eshe Collins embrace during the Distinguished Alumna Series Reception
Tierra Benton poses with the Zeta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity incorporated

It had been 4 years since I returned to my alma mater, Georgia State University, a precious gem ever growing in the heart of down town Atlanta. I was pleased to return on a mission with the purpose of curating a creative conversation with the student body on truths that I have found to be helpful along my path of successfully realizing my dreams. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to share in the experience. We had a wonderful experience starting the discussion with focusing in on the creative power present in us all. We went on to discuss the power of speaking and thinking positive about ourselves as we set out to realize our dreams. I was pleased to be back to share with a space that provided me so many lessons and positive periods of growth. 

In all I have experienced, I intend for my work to serve as a reflection to others releasing themselves of negativity and fear and courageously creating a life that is abundantly happy and successful. 

I have come to understand many gems as I have grown along my journey. Ultimately I have agree that a strong and positive self image is the best preparation for a happy and successful life. I aim to embody holistic wellness and creative inspiration as I continue to grow.

I am so full and so grateful for the opportunity looking forward to continuing the conversation. 

#BeTrue #BeYou

Distinguished Student Speaker Series Tierra Benton
Tierrra Benton Georgia State Alumna Speaker Series
Tierra Benton Speaks to the student body of Georgia State University
Tierra Benton Georgia State University
Tierra Benton connects with the student body of her alma mater, Georgia State University