Retrograde Realness : The Yellow Dress of Cosmic Confirmation


In this creative world of fashion and advertising I have been blessed to attract beautiful souls who inspire me along my path. The gown goddess, Leanne Marshall, and I have been sweeping New York fashion week for the last 5 years. Her whole team is always such a breeze to perform with and I find our work together so insightful as a creative measure of my growth as a womban. I am inspired by how she maintains her empire, employs a diverse group of womban, and how she uses her creative gifts to adorn womben all over the world in ceremonial works of art.

As I reflect in conjunction with the cosmic season of retrograde, I remember back to one particular season that really made a mark on my heart.  During #TheDayofNoTime 2017 and through my diving deep I uncovered my galactic resonance and my power color is #yellow. I remember consciously intending to infuse my closet with the hue to uplift and empower myself. This two months before my fitting with Leanne. I am sure you can imagine how I giggled inside when the universe revealed to me that she had created an amazingly colorful collection AND selected this #yellow work of art for me to present to the world. The synchronicity made my whole soul smile. The supreme comfort of cosmic confirmation flowed through my veins all week and into show time as I walked before a sea of light seekers on that sunshine filled Sunday.


I implore you, to dedicate yourself to creating and sharing your best version of you. Never stop refining and improving on your trueness and your youness. Dig deep into wisdom in sync with your inner knowing. Remember life can be filled with transformation and over all is a spirit rooted journey. Seek your truest truth and I assure you too will be satisfied by the sweet universal confirmation that you are walking the right way.