The Magic of Manifestation

Model Tierra Benton’s vision board for her move to NY June 2013

Model Tierra Benton’s vision board for her move to NY June 2013

Recently I found this image of a vision board I created just before I moved to New York back in 2013. I’ve always been an artist and as a child I particularly took an affinity toward creating collages. I remember there being no rules or instructors to please with the art form, simply my vision and puzzle pieces I choose to collect and join together to tell a story. As I grew I began to hone this hobby of mine into telling more detailed narratives and got hip to power and purpose of vision boards. I loved the nostalgia of creatively weaving my childhood love with words of power and captivating imagery together with the intention calling forth the story of life I wanted to experience. Since I was 4 I had big dreams of being a super model in the fashion capitol of the world. When the time for me to take flight presented its self I found it to be a great time to create a vision board. When I am in my zone creating visual narratives I release from my thinking mind and purely connect to the flow of that moment and intention. I remember in creating this board I intended upon the type of vibes I wanted to impress on the city in my big move. More than 5 years later I look back and I give thanks to see how all my visionings and intentions came to pass even more bountifully then I had intended. These experiences allowed me to make my mark on the big city while also ascending my spiritual resonance to heights I had never imagined. In my 5 years as a New Yorker I feel I reaped the best of both the spiritual and the physical world. My reflection on this work of art offers such a simple life lesson: It’s all intention. Quite literally and easily focus your brightest vision, be intentional in your actions and you too can unlock the magic of manifestation.

Want to create your own vision board?

The guidelines are simple, vision boards are collages you create with intention on experiences you would like to include in your life. You can use printed material from recycled news papers or magazines or you can draw your own. I like to add words or phrases that match a vibe I align with. It’s your world, I encourage you to get creative and most importantly be intentional with what include on your board. ***I find the best time to create a vision board to be new moon’s and the winter and summer solstice seasons.

Nurture Your Self Note:

We are each artists and dreamers and co creators of our reality. Nurture yourself and be sure your thoughts and images are genuine to your most true you. Even if that means taking a break from the digital image houses of the internet and social media. Sure, it’s easy and convenient to focus on the images of others experiences but I caution you to go within yourself and create a divine dream in alignment with the beautiful being you were created to be - Your truest you is a vision worth nurturing.