Beneath the Surface. Behind the Scenes.

Take peek from pages of my diary. My intention in sharing is to help you help yourself through the dark and confusing periods of your own self discovery. I am so pleased with the #PanteneGoldSeriesCampaign! The entire experience was magical and a wonderful conclusion to a year of personal transformation, truth and healing inside and out.  Thank you for being here and sharing in my journey. Happy reading and may you be guided to your highest expression by your own inner greatness. Enjoy the journey!

- Tierra Benton

Tierra Benton gets prepared for set with celebrity stylist Chucki Love and his team of talented experts.

Last year, I felt my maker plucked me up and planted me head first into the deepest and darkest soil of potential. At the time I couldn't see or even express the complexities of the challenging yet healing experiences I was afforded to endure.  In the depths of that dark soil laid the potential for everything. Every option. Every path. Every side to every coin wrapped tightly around my body upside down and sinking in a black hole of confusion. Around me all my dreams and fears. All the recordings of my ups and my downs. All my past, present and future paths. Embraced by everything I was so hot and so cold at the same time. At moments I felt paralyzed. Faced with so much me. I cried out to the sky I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS! I didn't request this unrelenting duel between the angel and the animal of me. My body churned in pain while my mind ran a muck. Desperately reaching for relief my Divine answered - The healing for your pain is in your pain.

So, I followed the path down a long dark hallway. What did I do? Is it I who needs forgiveness? Is it me with blockages and barricades between my self and unconditional love? I could feel the cold burn of confirmation. I continued on. Surrounded and with no where to hide I realized how I directed my journey to this darkness. Alone.

Nearly a year of earth time past, yet in darkness I remained. There I learned to see with all of me and developed seeing all with my soul. I unlocked the truth in my wounds and the wisdom in my womb. I thanked my pain for the the lessons and I let its hold on me release. Still in the blackness I learned to be still. I learned there was no shortcut through my darkness. I remembered that my life's challenges are simply genuine opportunities for spiritual growth. In darkness I remained, yet I visualized healing and expressing my brightest self. Though I could feel the darkness grow closer I let the fire of the possibility burn within. I used my power to act and let go of all the lies I let my fears tell me about who I be. I claimed my divine crown in the darkness of my own shadow. 

Tierra Benton on set for Pantene Gold Series Campaign - Photo by Nicole Ortero

I followed my spirit to my soul and committed to nurturing that omnipotent light.

My world shifted, I noticed my inner love flowed into my physical experiences. As I accepted my raw and true form the world herself, folded, curved and grooved to accommodate my actions and to reflect right back to me through beautiful beings and opportunity. I decided to embody the beauty of my crown. I grew more in love with my female energy and rose from the density of that dark and deep soil. I rose restored, and draped in regal realness.

Tierra Benton on set with Pantene and Pulse Films - Film Photo by Nicole Ortero
Tierra Benton on set with Pulse Films for the Pantene Gold Series Campaign

Today I am grateful for the process of darkness. I embrace my divine light and send love and healing vibrations outward to the hearts of all. May you too embrace the beauty of your whole journey. May you accept the process of your purification. May you choose the path of balance, wisdom and love. And when you emerge from the cacoon of your creation, may you unapologetically embody the TRUTH in you. Bless your regal presence and the brilliance of your crown.